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Something for Everyone

teachers who need quality cybersafety and technical training materials
parents who want their kids to be safer online
security professionals improving their skills and knowledge
businesses who want better security

Training & Tutoring

Self study and on-demand training for security professionals with industry certifications.
Seminars and training for school teachers and parents in cybersecurity and cybersafety.
On-demand Hacker Highschool tutoring for teens at home or in the classroom.
Get single seminars with detailed instruction on security, hacking, and cybersafety for home or the classroom.
24/7 access to a test lab to practice and level-up your ethical hacking and penetration testing skills.

Always growing

and regularly adding new content.


Also available as subscription based access to additional tools, checklists, videos and documents.

Bring world-class security trainers
into your home or office.


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